Random Thoughts

Seeing The Big Picture

big picture

‘In order to properly understand the big picture, everyone should fear becoming mentally clouded and obsessed with one small section of truth.”  Xun Zi

I had spent so much time focusing on the details of life’s experiences that I found that I missed seeing the big picture. I detail oriented and I like making  plans and then working those plans at all costs.  Actually, in most cases,  that is absolutely a good thing.  That is how most people get from point A to point B, by focusing their attention to the details.  However, I found myself trying  to fill my days that I had  more details  to focus on than I should.

I  love going to art shows and museums.  When I am there I  get  lost in the beauty of it all.  However,  when I am standing too close to the object, I would focus on the smallest detail of the creation.  I could see the lines and strokes of the artist’s paint brush, how the colors of the piece  blends together, then separate into individual colors.  Then I realized that in order to see the beauty of the piece, I had to stand back, sometimes way back in order to see the beauty of it all.

When I think about this scenario, I compared that to how I could become so wrapped up in my work of projects, writings, and even life itself without thinking of my true purpose.  I had  become so bogged down in the details that I lost  my sense of enjoyment. Paying attention to details is a good thing but I had become over the top.  I found myself spending more hours on  writing trying to perfect some paragraph or page, that I have gone past the deadlines. I spent hours  on details that were time-consuming, and failed to finish the  tasks.  Precious moments accomplishing nothing much,  so lost in the details and unable to even move beyond the details.

I soon realized that  had I continued  being so bogged down  in the details, it could actually prevent me from accomplishing my goals. There had been days that I focused so much on clearing every unimportant piece of paper from my desk that I almost failed to finish my main project.  I had to mentally and physically  take a break, leave my office, step away in order to see the forest.  I learned to delegate some tasks to my assistant. Together we accomplished so much and it allowed me to breathe and see the whole picture.

Life can be so busy and at times difficult to find time to stop, step back and see the whole garden of life.    Botanical Gardens became the  ideal place for me to visit,reflect, write, dream, breathe, step back… and see the big picture of life.