My First Novel, Broken Promises

Broken Promises: A Beebe Love Chronicle by Beebe Love

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Broken Promises: A Beebe Love ChronicleBroken Promises follows the main character, Beebe, who falls in love with the man of her dreams. He literally sweeps her off her feet with promises of happy ever after. We have heard the saying ‘things are not as they seem’, ‘sometimes, people are too good to be true.’

That is exactly what she finds  in Desmond Carlisle. He takes her on an emotional roller coaster ride to the point where she almost loses herself in the process. Were it not for the love of a close family, her belief in God, and her own common sense, she would have never allowed the blinders to come off in order to see what she has been hiding from herself.

The person that she married  had never really existed. She fell in love with his representative. Now she had to figure out a way to escape from the mess she has allowed herself to be in. However, she had to tread carefully because she had no idea who she was dealing with…Who was this man who had stolen her heart and ripped it apart like pieces of common paper…

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