Beebe Love


Annie Lou, our mom, the woman who made all 8 of of us feel as if we were THE favorite…

With a  large family of eight, seven girls and 1 boy, our parents, Willie and Annie worked hard to make sure that we got what we needed even if we didn’t always get what we wanted.  Although I am the eldest of the eight,  I would get teased by my sisters who would say that I should have been born last. I had always been shy and spent most of my time somewhere curled up with a book, while the rest of them played outside.

They have always been more outgoing than me, more unafraid of life than me.  On my first day of school, Janice, the one next to me was the one who actually walked me to school, only a block away from home.  My mother didn’t dare let me go alone.  However, there was no problem in letting 3-year old Janice walk home alone after taking me to school.  I was ‘the little sister’ who just happened to come out of the womb first.

I learned how to speak up for myself much later in life…  I don’t know why it took me so long.  There was no trauma that kept me feeling that I had to keep silent and nothing spectacular that finally jolted me to independence.

We are a close family and we love to cook…at least most of us do. My sisters are my best friends.  We are perfectly imperfect together and we love spending time together. Growing  up we shared the same toys, sometimes  2-3 each had to share the same bed, combed each others hair, enjoyed our own comedy shows (still do), dance competitions and stage plays.  We applaud each other’s triumphs and support each other’s efforts.  We are shoulders to cry on and necks to hug and after all these years the benefits are still in force.

We owe this to both our parents, but we believe that our mom was the epitome of mother love…  She passed away in 1993, my dad passed away in 2004.  Although we are all adults, there are times when we feel like orphans.  I think its because when you are from a close family, no matter how old you get, you still yearn for mommy and daddy at times.  You just want a big old hug.

So….with that in mind, I want to tell you that if your parents are still around…give them a big old hug and tell them that you love them.  If they are far away…pick up the phone and give them a call.  Don’t hesitate.  Life is short!

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Beebe Love

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