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Life Is Too Short To Think Small Thoughts

  My Mother and father always told us to never be afraid to think big.  In fact, although there were eight children, we never considered ourselves poor in the real sense of the word ‘poor’.  I realize that growing up there were people who looked down on our family because they viewed us as ‘those Powell’s’ because all they could see was a bunch of kids that they thought lacked something.  However, we lacked nothing because we always had food on the table, a roof over our heads, clothes on our back, two parents who loved us beyond measure, and we had each other.  What more could you ask for?


Our parents always  challenged us to believe in ourselves and to know that our first responsibility in life was to mentally advance our thoughts.  We were taught that if we got our relationship together with God and cultivate our faith in Him, our lives could improve beyond measure.  We get in life what we think we deserve and if we think we deserve little things we will get little things.  However, if we think big, the results will astound us.


I know that it can be difficult to believe that good things can come so easy. Sometimes even I allow my faith to wane.  However, I believe its all about attitude and there are times we attract what we think about. There are times when I have wished for something and I didn’t get it and I wondered why. In being honest with myself, I realized it was because I had buried some negative thoughts deep down inside of me that prevented me from accomplishing my desires.  I had to come to the realization that I had to acknowledge and let go of all of those negative resistances so that I could accept those things that I desired in my life.  I was sabotaging my own desires.  I was thinking small.  I was feeling as if I didn’t deserve those things that I was asking for but I didn’t realize that those were the thoughts that I was thinking!


There is a young lady who calls me sometimes and asks me for advice.  However, she constantly says things like “There are no good black men available.”  Or she might say “I don’t think I will ever find a husband.”  Another thing she says is “Men are no good!”  And she wonders why she is still  single and alone.  I told her that these thoughts are destructive and they produce negative results.  She is a beautiful young lady and I know that men find her attractive because she gets asked out on dates; however, when she goes on a date she always finds something wrong with her date no matter what.  Something in her past is sabotaging her thought processes to the point where she is unable to meet people where they are and move forward.  Something from her past has her locked and loaded where she is punishing every male she meets for the sins of whoever hurt her in her past.  These thoughts can be discovered only if she allows her mind to be opened and willing to let go of the resistance.  There is someone waiting for her.  When her heart is ready, her lover will be there waiting with open arms.  She just has to think big, let go of the small thoughts, be open for the blessings that God has for her, and know that she deserves to be loved in spite of what happened in her past.


We also posses all the mental wealth that we ever need for a prosperous life.  There are no negative circumstances that can keep us imprisoned if we are determined to be free.  When I lived in Indiana I had a salon and I met a woman who was married and I believe at that time she had three children.  She, her husband and her son started going business to business selling cookies.  She would send her son every week  and everyone would always say a resounding “NO!”  However, he just kept coming. He had his mother’s determination but not her enthusiasm.  Statistics show that communication is forty percent verbal and sixty percent nonverbal.  It’s all about attitude.    One day I bought a bag of  cookies because I felt sorry for him,  but I told him he needed to get excited about his own product.  When I tasted them I was amazed at how delicious they were and I told the whole salon. The next day when he came in he had a different attitude and he sold all of his cookies.  After that day if he didn’t come people would ask where he was.  By changing his attitude, he changed his story.  Over the years I wondered what happened to them and went online and did a search.  I spoke to her and was so excited to learn that they are still in business and are now in a brick and mortar bakery. She said that her trust in God has kept them going through tough times and she wholeheartedly believes that her attitude has a lot to do with how her business has survived.  Today instead of going door to door, they are now a full=fledged baker, Heaven Sent Bakery & Catering. She didn’t think small thoughts because she knew that she was capable of lofty levels of prosperity by the grace of God, and now also has added catering to the mix.

Life is much too short to think small thoughts and we get in life what we think we deserve.  If we think small, we get small, if we think big, the results can astound us.  What do you think you deserve?

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